First of all

Today I have decided I need an outlet to continue writing. I have been a technical writer for over 15 years, until recently when my company decided I should become a business process editor and analyst. I think. The powers that be haven’t yet told me what I am or what I do. So I find myself at loose ends, looking for things to do. Last night my husband needed some marketing communication edited, and I surprised myself at how much delight I took in reducing, chunking, clarifying and emphasizing bits of text. Obviously I’m not going to start posting bullet points and numbered steps. But some creative word smithing is in order.

Right now I have 3 dogs in my city house. I say city house because that should give an idea of the size (small). The dogs are not small. Well, one is a miniature dachshund. The other 2 are 75 pounds each. The small one and 1 big one are mine, and the other big one is a foster dog that I’m keeping for a few weeks (I think?). This foster dog has never before lived in a house, only outside. Sad, right? That’s what my husband and I thought. My husband doesn’t like dogs very much. No matter, I am happy to be the dog lady around here, feeding walking loving and making them mind.

I haven’t even told my mother I have a 3rd dog living here nor most of my friends. They would freak the hell out. See, I have 5 children to take care of, and a full-time job, plus clean underwear and socks and snacks and meals to provide. And lunches. Can’t forget lunches. 1 kid is not a kid, but and adult on her own. Actually the 2nd one is too, but we still see her at our house a lot. The 3rd is a teenager. Enough said. We don’t see him much. The 4th is an adorable 6th grader. The 5th, the baby, is an active 4th grader. I just re-read this post and I sound like super woman. Not true. I am most definitely not super woman, trust me. My kids eat fruit leather instead of actual fruit.

I have tried filling my time with crochet. So I crochet like cah-razy. Recently I made an amigurumi Loki character. It’s cute, but my baby says it doesn’t look like Loki. No offence, Mommy. Sure, whatever. It kept me out of the crack house and opium den. I have also constructed many hats, scarves, Christmas stockings, and gifts. I love it, it’s fun, but there is a limit to how many things I can have in my house that are crocheted, no matter how creative I get with the stitches and colours. Am I allowed to be offended when I create something for someone and they don’t wear it? I also made these very interesting and cool t-shirt sweaters. I embellished t-shirts with yarn. They were very time-consuming, I made 2, and when I wear them the reactions are mixed. The extra polite comments are funny. And then you have the other side of the reaction spectrum, encouraging me to mass produce these and sell them. Not every cute t-shirt is the basis for a cottage industry.

There’s a Santa glowing at me.  But that’s a topic for another post…


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