Speed of Time

This week has gone by so quickly, and then very slowly. In 2 days my midgets will head to their dad’s house as he will be back from vacation. I don’t usually have the midgets for a week solid, so sometimes this week has felt very long. And yet other times we are having so much fun it seems time has unfairly sped up.

My midgets still need me to prepare food for them. They end up being very hungry at times because I assume they can construct their own food, since they make their school lunches every day. Nope. What ends up happening is they forget to eat and end up starving and dehydrated until I remind them they have an option to feel otherwise! I would have thought their survival instincts were better than this. It’s maddening.

I seriously think they would be in dire straits if I wasn’t reminding them to tend to their basic needs. Life has definitely gotten easier though. When they are tired I don’t have to worry about tantrums or handle them like dynamite. I just tell them to go to bed, especially since they would never think of that on their own.

Both midgets got new shoes and boots this week. Damn kids and their growing. I remember shipping after Xmas for myself. Seems like another lifetime ago now! I had kids late enough in life that I remember the *before*.

I am pretty freaking happy with the *after*.

Tonight I played a spirited round of euchre with the boy midget. That kid takes all sorts of risks and often it pays off. My midgets still think I’m cool. I think they are, too.


Let’s talk Breaking Bad

This show is da bomb.

I had already watched all of the episodes up until current, so I started the series again this week. (I know, not enough stress in my life, first world problem, etc.)

From the very first episode, I was hooked. Intriguing concepts of dual life, morality, money, ethics. I just noticed something: In the opening credits each name has elements highlighted in it. The main character is a science teacher, so this is a nice detail.

As I get older and so do my contemporaries, I look at middle age differently. Middle-agers are still sexy, in a different way than 20-somethings are. The weathered skin, measured movements, experience and knowing looks can be quite comely.

I went to see Les Miserables last night and saw a movie poster as one does at theatres. In it. Marisa Tomei portrayed a MOTHER. WTF?! She is a sex kitten, not a mother! Wow she (and therefore me) is getting old.

Tonight I promised I would be home by 4 pm so that I can go sledding with boy midget and one of the big dogs. Our mini dog Pickle will not be walking this much this winter, that’s for sure. We have discovered she hates snow. Oh gee, one less dog to walk on these cold days. How tragic.

Frankie’s time with us as his foster family is almost over. I’m taking her back to the rescue organization on Tuesday, Jan 1. Yeah, baby! Ahem.

Oh, so I brought up the sexiness of middle-agers because Walter, a main character, has all sorts of hot sex with his pregnant wife. Boom! All sorts of taboos are exposed and crushed under the heel of hot sexy Walter/Heisenberger. And yet, he looks like a very mild-mannered uptight science teacher with bad clothes and an ordinary body. He even wears tighty whiteys. It’s quite the dichotomy going on.

I love that the characters in this show talk about money, live modestly, and their surroundings and wardrobe reflect that. The wife character looks very nice and as if her clothes are purchased from Target. Their house is a ordinary looking bungalow. Their cars are old and noisy, but still get them from A to B. This set design and detail lets the viewers believe the story about the science teacher turned meth dealer, and all the hijinx that ensue.

Walter is Joe Coffee meets Macgyver meets Michael Chiklis in The Shield. I guess that’s why this show fascinates me so much. Der. I liked Weeds a lot too, when it first started. It was based on some of the very same premises and presented the same dilemmas and themes. Suburban mom becomes a weed dealer, figuring things out as she goes, learning how to deal with criminals while hiding this secret from her family and friends.

While I’m at work my midgets are at home fending for themselves. If you can call that fending for one’s self. They are of course ensconced in a modern comfortable home in a city with lots of people around in case they need help. And in our neighbourhood there are plenty of nice, well-meaning neighbours on whom to call. Some might even say they are nosy. Where exactly are all those city dwellers who are anonymous and dieing alone in their apartments, to be discovered only when the smell becomes apparent to an inconvenienced neighbour? You know they type, they’re on Law and Order every week. Or actually 14 times a week given the syndication of that show. 

Les Miz was superb, by the way. I don’t understand the meh reviews it has received in our local paper. The images are so powerful, I’m still thinking about the singing and plot points today. The set design was incredible, and best of all (in my opinion), the teeth on the actors were appropriately brown and in some cases crusty.

I love that Walter locates his man rage after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Wow he kicks ass, unafraid of the spectacle or consequences. And it’s not like he is unfeeling or uncaring while he metes out social justice; he definitely is acting on instinct to protect the weak whether the weakness be physical, mental, or social.

Today I emailed girl midget’s teacher, to complain about a grade she received for a big project she worked on. Normally I don’t do this. In fact I have never done this before, ever. But she worked her little fingers to the bone on this project and practised her presentation many times until she learned it by rote. I have no doubt she was prepared. If you can’t gather up your balls and stand up for your kids, then I don’t know who you CAN stand up for.


Hoping to score some backrubs

That’s a line I heard in a movie (Girl Walks Into a Bar). Another good one, between a father and son:

“You can do anything you want to a woman, and maintain her respect. You can forget a romantic anniversary, you can cheat on her with her best friend, you can pop her in the rear once in a while just to change the pace of things. But you must never, never let her smell your poop.”



Boy midget has a crush. On girl midget’s sleepover friend. I have never seen him act so cooooool for a girl. Or anyone else, for that matter. He proudly displayed his Skyrim and Mine Craft skills and stuck around to help the girls play Mine Craft even though he would usually never ever ever do that.

Definitely an interesting holiday this year…

Forgot to add he also allowed the girls to dress him up and put makeup on him earlier in the evening. Ah, puppy love!

Things that incite my rage

Slow order-ers

Slow walkers

Slow talkers

Poang chairs

Doctor visits

Calorie counts

Dental hygienists who aren’t satisfied until my gums are bleeding. Not an easy task I assure you. I floss regularly.

Grocery shoppers who don’t walk in a straight line but instead wander all over the aisle. Oblivious assholes.

No Frills store patrons who have dirty unkempt pathetically sad children with them. I want to take all of those kids home.

People who treat their dogs like children. Yeah I know I did this before I had actual human children. So sue me! At least I didn’t name my dog Matthew or another obviously person name. And in my defence I didn’t know how annoying I was acting.

Whining children. It’s like getting a root canal.

Animated children’s movies

Star trek. Considering how much I dislike this show, I have seen quite a few episodes. This is thanks to always having at least one trekker in each of my university housing situations.

Mr. Young. This is a kids’ show that insults the intelligence of a 3 yr old, though it’s aimed at tweens.

Subway patrons who put their bags on a seat beside them during rush hour.

People with binders for greenpeace, amnesty international, because I am a girl, etc. These people make me feel like shit for not paying their wages.

Wine by the glass, because the portions are so small. Seriously, it’s laughable.

Empty food boxes in the cupboard. W. T. F.

My bathtub. Too short, too shallow.

Dark v Light

I wish I was a vampire, simply so that I wouldn’t need to sleep. At all.

I have so much to do in the next 4 days. And right now I don’t have enough energy to accomplish all I want to. My bedroom transformation had to be put on hold due to Xmas coming up. I am baking like crazy and still have more to do by 25th. Plus what I would call ‘real’ food for everyone. The main problem is I don’t eat meat, but everyone around me does. So I cook food for them that I would never eat, plus food or myself that they would never eat either. I have to be careful to get enough protein without increasing my soy intake, otherwise I have to fill up on carbs, which exacerbates my energy crisis.

Dishes abound, which isn’t surprising or unusual, but I have a bad case of eczema on my hands that makes this task a problem. I tend to suck it up and keep on going. But my hands are cracking, that’s a fact.

I feel the Xmas wrapping is under control, and the house is relatively clean although I will need to tuck away a lot of clutter to make way for the 10 of us here celebrating next week.

Today I have made so far: caramel corn and 2 trays of brownies. Still to come: butter tarts and choc chip cookies. And a couple of quiches for dinner. It’s the only crossover food I can think of right now. I sometimes make tofu neatballs, another crossover food at out house. That’ll be tomorrow in sure.

Well I need to get myself to the grocery store aka my second home lately.

I know these entries entertain no one but they help me get mentally organised.

This morning we took Bessie for an exhaust repair that ended up costing $540. So we agreed this is the last repair she’s getting. We will have Bessie until end of January or so. At that point the brakes will need doing.

Yesterday at work I was chatting with girlfriends. So nice to spend time together, I’m very lucky to have good friends at work.

Oh, right

Car ownership is fraught with maintenance issues. All very normal. Sort of like home upkeep. You need to do it, just like everyone else. The price of owning a car in the city keeps going up up up. This morning we developed a flat tire on Bessie. From the looks of the tire, we ran over something and punctured the tire. CAA to the rescue for the 3rd time in 10 days. Of course, a flat tire is completely out of the blue. But so is the exhaust work we need done, and the back tail light replacement.

I’m trying not to think too hard about it right now. Because right now it’s good for us to have a car. Husband is travelling to see his Mom this weekend. I have cooking to do, but I can do all of that on foot. Speaking of foot, the dogs need to get walked this aft. I mean WALKED. They are going a bit nuts from 4 days of no morning walk. I am almost afraid to go home later and see what trouble they have gotten into today.

I am back to office life today, working in a cube farm. Husband continues to build his business from the ground up. Midgets all have their last day of school before Xmas break too. That’s the only thing that kept me going this morning – this is the last time we have to do the morning routine for a while!

I’m still looking up recipes for Xmas breakfast. I am not sure right now what I will end up making. I know this weekend I am baking up a storm, and on Monday I’m cooking and otherwise prepping for Tuesday.

Still have to do the Skype test with my parents, but they are busier in the winters than at any other time of the year! They winter in a very busy retirement community in a southern state. They do a lot of charity work and there are many community get-togethers, potlucks, bake sales, craft sales and celebrations.

Oh, have I mentioned how nice it is to have Xmas at my house? I am soooooo happy I don’t have to travel anywhere, and I get to stay in my own house for the duration! There will be about 10 people at our house on Xmas day, plus some stragglers before and after. And now we have 3 dogs plus 1 cat living at our place for the time being. Luckily husband isn’t allergic to that one, don’t ask me to figure out how that happened. And don’t ask me to explain. I am enjoying what is.

According to my Mom I will miss these heydays when I get old and stooped. I try to keep that in mind when I’m sweeping up dog hair and washing a mountain of laundry.


After getting to the exam location 2 hours early, I studied a bit, went over some practice questions with other students, then wrote at 10 am. 8 scenarios with accompanying questions. 28 marks needed to achieve a passing grade of 70%.

We were given 90 minutes to write the exam. I finished at 55 minutes. I had carefully read all of the questions, methodically selected my answers (were all multiple choice), then checked everything over. I was the first to leave the exam, but I’m ok with that. I feel confident about most of my answers.

In 2 business days I find out my grade. Fingers crossed!