Grade 4, take #3

One more time around the block with grade 4, this time in French. I have spent a lot of time today cutting up construction paper and cardboard, colouring with markers and gluing the finished products together. Thankfully I can still keep up with French at the grade¬†4 level. ¬†All that’s left to do is help the girl midget come up with a 3-minute presentation about parrots in the rain forest. In French. By Monday. I guess my weekend is all planned out.

I am committed to assisting girl midget complete a project she can be proud of. And me too! I hope I get an A! I wonder what grade the other parents will get?

Yesterday I came home to 3 piles of chunky dog vomit. I was forewarned by the kids, because they got home before I did. Of course they didn’t clean it up, just complained about it. When I was their age (yes I’m going THERE) it was my job to help clean out the purple martin birdhouse every spring. If you’re not familiar with this particular birdhouse, look here:–17963–41.htm.

So as you can see, it’s a bird condo. After a typically cold winter we were making it ready for all the birds returning in late spring, by getting rid of the old nests. To clean it out, you have to put your hand waaaay into each hole, and pull out the nest. You couldn’t see what you were grabbing, and thanks to the cold, you couldn’t really feel either. Sometimes you would pull out a perfectly frozen bird, eyes wide open. What a prize. And then on to the next hole, which may also contain a dead bird. One could never tell. This ewww factor was on par with emptying the pool filter each day in the summer. Errrrgh. Reach way down into the water to grab the basket, never mind the floating dead frogs on which live beetles cling, and the basket itself is dark, so there’s no way you know what you’re going to see in that basket. Sometimes there were dead mice in there, or there might be just leaves. One never knew for sure. Carry the basket over to the field beside the house and dump it out. Then put the basket back into the filter beside the pool, ready to catch all sorts of treasures for you to find the next day.

So yeah, the histrionics regarding some dog vomit really tested my patience. I mean seriously kids, you can at least put some paper towel on top of it to keep the smell down and help out minimally. But these are kids who never cleaned out bird houses nor filter baskets.