I did it! I made raspberry crepes! I’m test-driving some recipes before Christmas, as I have posted about before. The crepes were my Moby Dick. Thanks to my mother’s detailed instructions, I speared that whale. Looook what I have created!!! (a la Tom Hanks in Castaway when he builds his first fire)

Husband was my official taster and he approved of the results. The carmel corn met with his approval as well. The search for a good ham strata recipe continues. I found a good recipe for sugar cookies though. Thank goodness for cheap butter and milk in the USA.

Today I need to get some work done. I mean the kind I get paid for! Also I need to take the foster dog, Frankie, to a local pet store to be weighed. I will of course have to take all 3 dogs along for the walk, which should be fun. The colder the weather gets, the less Pickle the mini-dachshund wants to go along. So, between her dragging behind, and Ellie (the 75 pound, golden retriever/coonhound) pulling ahead, my core gets quite a workout.

I’m also getting interested in the show Glee. Shameful! It’s a show my daughter wanted to watch, so I watch with her, and it’s a good bonding experience. Girl midget is so beautiful. I spend a lot of time just staring at her. Her lovely wavy brown locks, blue eyes and turned up nose are adorable, with just a sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks.

So, Etsy. My goal is to create enough stock to open an online store on Etsy. Crochet, of course. I imagine this will take a while to build up, especially considering the rest of my life is so ridiculously full and scheduled. On the days when I take a break, the household reflects that slacking off. As in, holy crap where did that Mount Washmore come from? Why are my midgets walking around hungry? Why is there a moldy swimsuit in a plastic bag, sitting on the bench by the front door??? These all require my loving touch (yelling).

So yeah, Etsy will have to wait a little longer, but that is my long-term goal, and I will slowly work toward it. There, I said it! Heaven knows I can make hats, neck warmers, scarves and probably amigurumi characters too. So I think this goal is attainable.



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