Home Day

Today I am home from work, working from home. That means I do housework along with my paid work, and run any errands I might have.

I’m picking up another load of raw dog food for the hounds, among other things. You can read up about it here: http://www.lovemydograwdiet.ca/. My personal experience feeding my dogs raw food has been fantastic. Their stools are tiny because there is very little waste. They don’t drink much water (and so don’t pee much) because there is no salt in their food. And just when you thought their coats couldn’t get any shinier, they do. My mini weiner dog is a trooper. She walks just as far as the big dogs do, and people can’t resist rubbing her fur, because it looks so soft and shiny. Ellie the dingbat is extremely muscular and lean. Frankie the foster dog will take some time to whip into shape but he is doing very well on the food too – coat getting shiny, eyes clear, energy to spare. When we received him his coat was fairly dull and he moved around like an old dog. He is only 4 years old but appeared to be 10! Not any more.

I understand why people feed kibble. And that’s what I fed my previous dog who lived to be nearly 15. But I can tell you I notice a big difference in my dogs if I have to feed kibble due to running out of raw. The meat they eat has other ingredients too: raw garlic, onion, parsley, veg, and sometimes fruit. I’ve never before seen dogs eat raw fruit and veg, but these guys do! They consider some pieces of apple a huge treat.

On Sundays I don’t feed them, they get beef bones to chew on instead. This is to give their digestion a break. Come Monday morning they are more than ready to eat, but I’m convinced this way of eating is good for them. Says the veg!


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