I do a lot of reading – fiction, blogs, and news sites. The subject matter is very diverse: fashion, pop culture, world news and tech trends. Life hacker is very interesting at times, and I like that they are not overtly trying to sell me something.

Between reading, watching movies, crochet, children, dogs, house, husband, parents and friends, and job, my mind is occupied. And so when a horrible crime happens in the world, it seems to come out of nowhere.

We as citizens of this world are not paying attention. We quickly move on without changing anything. The happening in Connecticut needs to be analysed and adjustments in law need to be made. Cynically, I expect nothing will happen to change laws and protect ourselves from ourselves.

If I lived in a country where there are so many guns that are so easily obtained, I would home school, in the wilderness, off the grid. Or I would move to a different country. Hell, I would move anyway because that’s the way I roll. Same as if my kids were being bullied, and no solution could be reached, I would change schools. We live in our little boxes, thinking we can’t change our box or go outside it. That’s bullshit thinking.

I try to fill my life with Wants instead of Shoulds. That means I am not fake. I am friends with people I want to be friends with, I am close to family I want to be close with. I realise a lot of my writing is about fluffy first-world issues. But this blog is meant to be a slice of my life. There is no planned story arc.

I read years ago that somewhere in a impoverished African country, televisions had been installed in community centres. Not only did this provide a meeting place for them, but it kept them distracted from having sex and therefore babies (no access to birth control, reproductive health,etc.). All of this accomplished with a television! We are all distracted and therefore change is slow, potentially stopped entirely.

My day today is typical. Laundry, kids, dogs, cooking, cleaning. But I will try to appreciate how boring, stable, normal and calm my life is.


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