Girl Midget had just started wearing a training bra. The little sports bras are sooooooo cute! She is so proud of her body doing what it’s supposed to.

I am in training all this week. Boy Midget asked for what. He asked if we were learning how to defend ourselves using staplers, and stuff like that. Um no, much less interesting than that! I am taking an intermediate ITIL course on Service Design. It’s a 3-day course covering 500 pages of material, then a 90 min exam on day 4. To pass I need 70%. I read a lot of very dry documents in my job, but this material really takes the cake.

Girl midget doesn’t understand what is my problem. After all, I regularly read 500 pages within a few days. Good point.

So anyway, here we are after another full day. Midgets were off school due to a teachers’ strike, and so spent the day with their Dad at work. We’ve settled down to watch a Christmas movie on tv while husband is out at a birthday party. This is after boy midget entertained me with a gangnam dance. I’m really enjoying these years. It seems like the midgets don’t change at all for a long time, then “poof”! They grow up a whole bunch.

All I can think about these days is Christmas. The midgets and I have set our ground rules for eve and morning. They are allowed to wake me at 6 am if they promise to be in bed by 10 pm latest on Christmas eve. This will give enough time to retrieve and wrap all the presents. I will also be making the Xmas crepes that evening, so I just have to heat them the next day. My dear stepdaughter is coming to help prep on Xmas eve as well.

But first I have 1 more day of ITIL…