Dark v Light

I wish I was a vampire, simply so that I wouldn’t need to sleep. At all.

I have so much to do in the next 4 days. And right now I don’t have enough energy to accomplish all I want to. My bedroom transformation had to be put on hold due to Xmas coming up. I am baking like crazy and still have more to do by 25th. Plus what I would call ‘real’ food for everyone. The main problem is I don’t eat meat, but everyone around me does. So I cook food for them that I would never eat, plus food or myself that they would never eat either. I have to be careful to get enough protein without increasing my soy intake, otherwise I have to fill up on carbs, which exacerbates my energy crisis.

Dishes abound, which isn’t surprising or unusual, but I have a bad case of eczema on my hands that makes this task a problem. I tend to suck it up and keep on going. But my hands are cracking, that’s a fact.

I feel the Xmas wrapping is under control, and the house is relatively clean although I will need to tuck away a lot of clutter to make way for the 10 of us here celebrating next week.

Today I have made so far: caramel corn and 2 trays of brownies. Still to come: butter tarts and choc chip cookies. And a couple of quiches for dinner. It’s the only crossover food I can think of right now. I sometimes make tofu neatballs, another crossover food at out house. That’ll be tomorrow in sure.

Well I need to get myself to the grocery store aka my second home lately.

I know these entries entertain no one but they help me get mentally organised.

This morning we took Bessie for an exhaust repair that ended up costing $540. So we agreed this is the last repair she’s getting. We will have Bessie until end of January or so. At that point the brakes will need doing.

Yesterday at work I was chatting with girlfriends. So nice to spend time together, I’m very lucky to have good friends at work.


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