Things that incite my rage

Slow order-ers

Slow walkers

Slow talkers

Poang chairs

Doctor visits

Calorie counts

Dental hygienists who aren’t satisfied until my gums are bleeding. Not an easy task I assure you. I floss regularly.

Grocery shoppers who don’t walk in a straight line but instead wander all over the aisle. Oblivious assholes.

No Frills store patrons who have dirty unkempt pathetically sad children with them. I want to take all of those kids home.

People who treat their dogs like children. Yeah I know I did this before I had actual human children. So sue me! At least I didn’t name my dog Matthew or another obviously person name. And in my defence I didn’t know how annoying I was acting.

Whining children. It’s like getting a root canal.

Animated children’s movies

Star trek. Considering how much I dislike this show, I have seen quite a few episodes. This is thanks to always having at least one trekker in each of my university housing situations.

Mr. Young. This is a kids’ show that insults the intelligence of a 3 yr old, though it’s aimed at tweens.

Subway patrons who put their bags on a seat beside them during rush hour.

People with binders for greenpeace, amnesty international, because I am a girl, etc. These people make me feel like shit for not paying their wages.

Wine by the glass, because the portions are so small. Seriously, it’s laughable.

Empty food boxes in the cupboard. W. T. F.

My bathtub. Too short, too shallow.


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