Let’s talk Breaking Bad

This show is da bomb.

I had already watched all of the episodes up until current, so I started the series again this week. (I know, not enough stress in my life, first world problem, etc.)

From the very first episode, I was hooked. Intriguing concepts of dual life, morality, money, ethics. I just noticed something: In the opening credits each name has elements highlighted in it. The main character is a science teacher, so this is a nice detail.

As I get older and so do my contemporaries, I look at middle age differently. Middle-agers are still sexy, in a different way than 20-somethings are. The weathered skin, measured movements, experience and knowing looks can be quite comely.

I went to see Les Miserables last night and saw a movie poster as one does at theatres. In it. Marisa Tomei portrayed a MOTHER. WTF?! She is a sex kitten, not a mother! Wow she (and therefore me) is getting old.

Tonight I promised I would be home by 4 pm so that I can go sledding with boy midget and one of the big dogs. Our mini dog Pickle will not be walking this much this winter, that’s for sure. We have discovered she hates snow. Oh gee, one less dog to walk on these cold days. How tragic.

Frankie’s time with us as his foster family is almost over. I’m taking her back to the rescue organization on Tuesday, Jan 1. Yeah, baby! Ahem.

Oh, so I brought up the sexiness of middle-agers because Walter, a main character, has all sorts of hot sex with his pregnant wife. Boom! All sorts of taboos are exposed and crushed under the heel of hot sexy Walter/Heisenberger. And yet, he looks like a very mild-mannered uptight science teacher with bad clothes and an ordinary body. He even wears tighty whiteys. It’s quite the dichotomy going on.

I love that the characters in this show talk about money, live modestly, and their surroundings and wardrobe reflect that. The wife character looks very nice and as if her clothes are purchased from Target. Their house is a ordinary looking bungalow. Their cars are old and noisy, but still get them from A to B. This set design and detail lets the viewers believe the story about the science teacher turned meth dealer, and all the hijinx that ensue.

Walter is Joe Coffee meets Macgyver meets Michael Chiklis in The Shield. I guess that’s why this show fascinates me so much. Der. I liked Weeds a lot too, when it first started. It was based on some of the very same premises and presented the same dilemmas and themes. Suburban mom becomes a weed dealer, figuring things out as she goes, learning how to deal with criminals while hiding this secret from her family and friends.

While I’m at work my midgets are at home fending for themselves. If you can call that fending for one’s self. They are of course ensconced in a modern comfortable home in a city with lots of people around in case they need help. And in our neighbourhood there are plenty of nice, well-meaning neighbours on whom to call. Some might even say they are nosy. Where exactly are all those city dwellers who are anonymous and dieing alone in their apartments, to be discovered only when the smell becomes apparent to an inconvenienced neighbour? You know they type, they’re on Law and Order every week. Or actually 14 times a week given the syndication of that show. 

Les Miz was superb, by the way. I don’t understand the meh reviews it has received in our local paper. The images are so powerful, I’m still thinking about the singing and plot points today. The set design was incredible, and best of all (in my opinion), the teeth on the actors were appropriately brown and in some cases crusty.

I love that Walter locates his man rage after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Wow he kicks ass, unafraid of the spectacle or consequences. And it’s not like he is unfeeling or uncaring while he metes out social justice; he definitely is acting on instinct to protect the weak whether the weakness be physical, mental, or social.

Today I emailed girl midget’s teacher, to complain about a grade she received for a big project she worked on. Normally I don’t do this. In fact I have never done this before, ever. But she worked her little fingers to the bone on this project and practised her presentation many times until she learned it by rote. I have no doubt she was prepared. If you can’t gather up your balls and stand up for your kids, then I don’t know who you CAN stand up for.



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