Speed of Time

This week has gone by so quickly, and then very slowly. In 2 days my midgets will head to their dad’s house as he will be back from vacation. I don’t usually have the midgets for a week solid, so sometimes this week has felt very long. And yet other times we are having so much fun it seems time has unfairly sped up.

My midgets still need me to prepare food for them. They end up being very hungry at times because I assume they can construct their own food, since they make their school lunches every day. Nope. What ends up happening is they forget to eat and end up starving and dehydrated until I remind them they have an option to feel otherwise! I would have thought their survival instincts were better than this. It’s maddening.

I seriously think they would be in dire straits if I wasn’t reminding them to tend to their basic needs. Life has definitely gotten easier though. When they are tired I don’t have to worry about tantrums or handle them like dynamite. I just tell them to go to bed, especially since they would never think of that on their own.

Both midgets got new shoes and boots this week. Damn kids and their growing. I remember shipping after Xmas for myself. Seems like another lifetime ago now! I had kids late enough in life that I remember the *before*.

I am pretty freaking happy with the *after*.

Tonight I played a spirited round of euchre with the boy midget. That kid takes all sorts of risks and often it pays off. My midgets still think I’m cool. I think they are, too.