Allergies + Asthma = boarding the dogs

Late this Fall boy midget was diagnosed as being allergic to dust mites, feathers, dogs and cats, in that order. I may have mentioned the pack of dogs living in my house. Well we are down 1 big dog since yesterday when we returned Frankie to the rescue after fostering him for 6 weeks.

So now we have 2 dogs left. Because of boy midget’s allergies, we are going to do a trial separation from the dogs and see what happens wrt his asthma, eczema, and general paleness (ha ha, nothing to be done about that, sorry pasty Canadian boy). We have had our adult daughter’s cat living with us for 2 weeks as well, and my eczema on my hands has gotten waaaaay out of control. I don’t know if I’m allergic, as I have never been tested. I might just be reacting to the stress of having so many animals and people in my house on a regular basis. Guys, I am seriously stressed. I maintain a calm exterior, but inside I’m starting to feel pretty ragey.

Anyhow, I am setting up boarding options right now to have the dogs gone for a total of 4 weeks. This is not cheap, yo. My dear dear friend is taking 1 dog, and so now I just need to farm out the other one.

I have tried to imagine my feelings about permanently getting rid of both dogs if necessary. Of course boy midget is completely against it. He loves having dogs (this is the kid who gets up with me at 6 am on a school day to walk the dogs) and would feel terribly guilty if we needed to get rid of them. I love dogs too, but they are not human and OBVIOUSLY my son’s health is way more important than having house pets. I would be really happy to keep the dogs and def I would be sad to have no dogs but HOW FREAKING AWESOME TO CUT DOWN ON THE STEROIDS MIDGET IS INGESTING DAILY?! I need to call our gp to see how to step down the meds while we are dog-free.

I will just have to start crocheting dog sweaters for OTHER people’s dogs. Maybe I’ll add those to my future Etsy store…


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