It occurs to me

That some of my ducklings read this blog and so might think they are not wanted in my home. Not true at all. It’s my job as a mom to get the kids up and running and thinking for themselves, and for the most part I think we are all doing well. But sometimes, especially with 1 bathroom, having an extra adult at our house for more than a few days is a big fucking deal.  And becoming the drop off point for wayward pets and kids gets a leeeeetle old.

You know what I never understood until now? That having my stuff messed with creates in me a feeling of deep frustration. Look, kids use, abuse, break etc. your stuff, and this is part of the parenting territory. It’s when I am looking for my facewash when I am standing in a shower with my hair full of shampoo, then realize it’s on the sink that is too far away from the shower to reach, that I really start to feel fucked with. Should I add a smiley face to take the edge off this post? Too effing badddddddd…….






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