Positive vs Negative

Today at Starbucks the employee really screwed up my order. I was good-humoured about it, after all I am not about to break the cardinal rule: Don’t FUCK with people who handle your food. Plus, I know usually the service is stellar and that this was a blip. In return for my patience, I was given a gift certificate for a free drink for my next visit there. On the certificate, there is a picture of a half-full coffee cup. See? Half-Full! That’s how I see it, not half-empty.

Girl midget asked me what that means: half-full vs half-empty, so I explained the basic concepts of optimism and pessimism. She is definitely a pessimist, at least at this stage of her life. Not surprising, given what a party pooper she is in the mornings.

I feel negatively about otherwise perfectly mobile high-functioning seniors wearing bibs to eat a meal. My mom is an amazing seamstress and has been creating giant bibs for old people to wear. When I say old people I mean 65 – 75 yrs old. I told her I never want to see her wearing one. She defends their use, saying that when you get older you are a bit messy when you eat. Really?! THAT messy?! When I think of bibs I think of babies with spaghetti in their hair, not adults who live outside a nursing home situation. My mom says this is a real cottage industry and she is planning to rent a table at a craft sale coming up later this year. Ok, that’s fine, dress everyone ELSE up in bibs. I maintain that if you can live on your own, balance your chequebook and wipe your own ass, you don’t need a bib when you eat.

I also feel negatively toward the weather warming up this weekend. Is this winter or not? Feels like not. We are so very prepared with shovels, salt, heavy coats, many gloves, hats, scarves, car scraper and hearty attitude. Aaaaand then it’s 10 C in January. Not warm enough to enjoy a front porch, not cold enough for snow and therefore winter sports. I’m angry at the weather. Just like my parents were when they were farmers!


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