*Just* a Virus

Bedridden for 4 days. No solid food for that period of time. And today I found out there is nothing I can do to make this illness pass more quickly. Luckily for me, it’s passing all by itself. Tonight I ate real food for dinner!

My boy midget is on his first overnight class trip for tonight and tomorrow night. Very exciting time for all of us. Girl midget is thrilled to have my attention for a couple of days. I love watching boy midget grow up. I’d like girl midget to stay a little girl though, since she is the baby. Next year boy midget is off to junior high, and I’m so happy to see him gaining independence.

I found out my former husband is getting back together with his ex girlfriend. I have met her a few times and I like her. Plus she has always been good with my kids. So I hope it all works out this time.

I know the kids were heartbroken when they broke up. I tried my best to comfort them without letting on to their dad that I knew about the break up. For some reason he didn’t want me to know his business. I suspect that has to do with his deep abiding dislike for me. I could be wrong, but he didn’t like me when we were married and me leaving him didn’t improve his opinion of me. When we were together, according to him I didn’t think or speak correctly, and my clothes were all wrong. I’m not exaggerating. I often wondered why he wanted to marry me and have children with me. Every aspect of our relationship was a battle for power. I got so very tired of defending myself at every turn. He seemed to love the ongoing debate. I couldn’t understand why he needed to repeatedly hurt me, sometimes on a daily basis. His words were cutting and his actions cold and passive-aggressive. And yet he was absolutely dumbfounded when I told him I wanted to end our marriage. We had many phone conversations in the months immediately following out split.

The man wants nothing to do with me. Ok I don’t want to socialise with him either, but I’m not adverse to sharing a celebration centred around the midgets. I suspect he will always hate me for suckering him into marriage just so I could break his heart, since that’s obviously what I did. Scheming bitch, that’s me.

I hope the midgets see husband and I as a good example to follow. We are well suited to each other and rarely disagree. We treat each other with respect and we are very happy together. Husband isn’t so insecure he needs to be boss all the time either. His ego is one I can handle, and mine suits him just fine as well. So I just wonder what sort of relationship our children will seek. The older ones are already decided, but the midgets are still forming their ideas of what makes a good mate.