Fun with tofu

I have never imposed my veg way of eating onto my husband and midgets. But that’s about to change.

Just an aside: How much do you want to punch Jenelle in the face? I want to do it very very much. Such a narcissistic fucking idiot. Less attention to your tattoos, feathers in your hair, Kesha, and your boyfriend. More attention to your son. More appreciation to your mother for raising your kid, as if that’s no big deal!

Another aside: Don’t worry I’ll write again about how much my former husband dislikes me, and how much his family still likes me.

Anyway. Tofu. Such a scarrrrry word. For some people. I have a great recipe for peanut butter mousse that I make, which contains a full brick of tofu. My family has eaten it many times. Ha!

When boy midget was little I used to feed him marinated tofu on a regular basis. He loved it along with tofu hot dogs. Somewhere along the way I stopped preparing it for him, since I had a second baby and couldn’t convince former husband to stick with the tofu.

Ooooh, got off track. Sorry.

Look out household, here comes more tofu and you’re going to like it. Luckily they all like most vegetables and spices. So this should be an easy transition. I’ll keep you posted.


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