True stories

This afternoon at work I ate a huge bunch of grapes. I’m sure there were 4 cups’ worth. I purchased said grapes at my neighbourhood Loblaws. Correction: I bought them at the shiny, attractive building full of freshly baked bread, polished fruit (it must be, because it’s so shiny!), beautiful bunches of flowers for sale and so much other attractive food items it’s impossible for to list them all here. Well it’s possible but you would be bored reading the list. Just trust me, this Loblaws is a shrine to consumption of delectable food and home accessories. There’s also a Joe Fresh (if you don’t know what this is I feel sorry for you and yours) upstairs and an LCBO. Talk about your one-stop shopping!

I have left work early every afternoon this week for one reason or another. Shall I list them? No, that’s also boring. I was thrilled to have excuses to get out of the office anyway. Kids are convenient excuses to get out of all sorts of unpleasant activities. And a child who is sick is even better! That kid will keep you out of social events and work for days.

This weekend I’m planning to spend pursuing my crochet hobby. I haven’t had time/energy to do any crochet for a few weeks, and since the weather is very cold (compared to lately, not compared to winters in the past. I feel I need to clarify that or else someone is going to pipe up with, Oh you have no idea how cold it is in Yellowknife/Nome/Fairbanks.) I look forward to snuggling up on an armchair and giving some new crochet patterns a whirl.

Last week I noticed my iPhone screen was really dirty so I licked it. I’m so cool. Had husband been there he might have keeled over right then.