Simple Days, Not So Simple Lives

Yesterday was nearly a perfect day. I was on my own on Saturday night which means I woke up Sunday at my leisure, with no one needing anything from me (except for the dogs of course). I let the dogs out, fed them, took my medications, then went back to bed. I can never sleep in because I’m on a strict pill regimen. However I can get up, quickly take my pills, then go back to bed. Still a welcome luxury.

I spent the rest of the day watching episodes of Homeland (my latest obsession), resting, cleaned up the kitchen, folded some laundry, and then started some new crochet projects. I also watched Zero Dark Thirty, though I really just half-watched. That movie was far too intense for me to focus my full attention on.

Throughout the day I talked to no one. I didn’t leave the house. I relished my solitude. It’s days like these that make me believe I could live happily off the grid. And I sort of understand why my parents liked living in the country away from the din of close neighbours and traffic. However, I know I also enjoy having amenities close by (as detailed in previous posts), so there goes that idea.


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