My spare time.


This post is not going to be a sarcastic rant about my lack of spare time. I actually do have an hour or 2 every day that is mine to spend as I see fit. I taught myself how to crochet about 5 years ago and I enjoy creating new projects all the time. My latest creations are Barbie clothes. I’ve posted one here for you to see (not that most of you haven’t already seen it on FB). I have spent some time looking on Etsy to see what crochet projects are common. Barbie clothes are available there but they are not as common as neck warmers, shawls, hats and scarves. Lately I’m trying out patterns to see which ones work best, and which ones I’m able to tweak to make them work properly. I thought Barbie was a standard size? If that’s the case, why do some of the clothes turn out too large? I check my gauge and I use the correct size hook and yarn so those can’t be the problems.

Last night I spent some time making another sweater for Pickle. In this season she needs to wear a sweater at all times.

I’m happy and baffled to report girl midget was cheery and fine this morning. She went to sleep a lot earlier than the night before, so I’m sure that’s a factor. Also I said nothing to her about the time, I didn’t ask her what she was doing, etc. I just prepared breakfast, then got myself ready for work. Holding my tongue was very difficult, but I did it!

I need to admit something — I follow the storylines of Teen Mom 2, the series that stars Jenelle. What a mess. She is on Twitter too and I read her tweets. I don’t know why I’m interested, since I was nothing like her when I was in my early 20s and I certainly was not a teen mother. Morbid fascination I suppose. She has a 4 year old son being raised by her mother due to her own issues with various drugs, and she recently got married and is in the early stages of pregnancy again. Her trust issues with her husband are unbelievable. Her extreme waffling loyalty is always surprising. Like I said, what a mess.

I also watch Idiot Abroad occasionally. Karl Pilkington is an adorable insular ignorant idiot who is travelling the world thanks to Ricky Gervais. The goal of the show is for Karl to explore the globe and its many cultures at the urging of Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Karl is stupid, but occasionally his logic makes sense. To wit: “A problem solved, is a problem caused. That’s the problem with problems, you sort one out and it makes another.” Karl Pilkington. Also: “Happiness is like a cake, have too much and you get sick of it.”

I leave you with a clip from Idiot Abroad during which Karl drives a dog sled: