Mark Walberg!

Not Marky Mark. I am referring to the host of the Antiques Roadshow. I love history and finding out the historical and cultural significance of old stuff.

What is the big deal about lithographs? I don’t get it.

The most memorable episode for me was the one where the woman has 3 jade pieces of art from her father, all together worth more than $1 million. Boy midget and I always like to shout ‘Sell It!’ when an item is worth a lot of money.

Some items have sentimental value I know. I have things like that in my house too. One of the minimalism blogs I read suggests to take a picture of the item and then get rid of the item. I’m not sure that would satisfy me enough, even though most of these items are hidden away in boxes 95% of the time.

Oooh a pair of guns is worth $10,000. Sell them!


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