Take a pill

You don’t feel good? Sad all the time? No energy? Preparing dinner for your family is an overwhelming task? Leaving the house is an impossibility? Take this pill.

You have trouble focussing on text? You feel like everyone is against you and at the same time everyone needs something from you? Take this pill.

Human interaction is exhausting? Take this pill.

Never stop taking these pills. Your brain needs them to feel ‘normal’. Because most normal people get up in the morning to get everyone ready for the day, work all day, then work all evening for the greater good. Without the aid of pills.

Just 20 more years of beige cubicle walls, then I can really start living.

I quit taking the pills once, gradually weaning myself off them over a period of months. After being pill-free for about 2 months I started crying/balling for no reason at all. Sometimes it happened while I was driving. Tears would start rolling down. Not just a few tears, either. Many many many tears.  Then I would arrive at my home and crawl into bed for a couple of days.

When well-meaning stupid heads suggest I get off these evil pills, I smile and say thanks for your input. And then I keep taking them. Because exercise, vitamin D and stiff-upper-lip are not the answers to fixing my brain chemistry. This imbalance requires 2 pills per day. It’s serious and no amount of sucking it up is going to work in place of hardcore pills.

So to all of those people who suggest I’m perfectly normal and don’t need pills to keep me balanced, Fuck Off and Die.



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