Screw you, Ghandi

Not really. Geez take it easy lady.

All kinds of insanity being expressed around me today.

It’s probably best if I just listen to some Teen Mom 2 episodes or watch my Twitter account. Insanity from others is much preferable to thinking too hard or too long about my own issues.

Valentine’s day is coming up. So many people feel stupid for liking the holiday, or proud for eschewing it. The holiday is cute. You get to act like you’re in high school again and make a special date with your partner. Even if that date is after the midgets have gone to bed or maybe in the morning after they have left for school. Just schedule some time with your mate to have a coffee or a drink, and talk about yourselves. Many say we don’t need a special day to indicate when we should buy a token of affection or make time for your special someone, but the truth is a lot of partners forget to do this.

Even with all the navel-gazing that happens on Twitter and elsewhere, parents rarely talk about themselves. They talk A LOT about their offspring, houses, partners, jobs, and coffee, but not usually about themselves. I wager at least 50% of parents don’t even know what they like to do in their spare time nor guard their private time from midget-issue-creep the way they should.

I feel a lot less guilty the older I get. I think that’s because I am finally allowed to be myself. Moody, opinionated, easily hurt, goofy, loving, and optimistic. Thank you husband, for being a man that lets me maintain my individuality. Thank you midgets, for getting to know me as a person and not just as your Mom/Stepmom.

Girl midget is moving into training bra territory. She insists she needs protection for her developing chest (I don’t see much happening there btw). I had no idea training bras were so damn expensive. What a racket. She is also learning that building your outfit for the day starts with the colour of your underwear. There are some days she emerges from her bedroom dressed in what I can only describe as “Really? That’s what you decided to put together?” with my eyes. I never say anything because as long as she is weather appropriate, they are just clothes. I feel the same about hair. You want to dye it and/or cut it? Go ahead. Tattoos and piercings another story because what my midgets think are their bodies are actually owned by moi. That leg/ankle/nose? Yeah all mine, not yours. So far the little ones seem to understand this, but they have not yet been affected by a torrent of teen hormones or a mountain of peer pressure or a tidal wave of pop culture influence.

This week I put my writing to another good use: I helped boy midget write an application to be a leader at Scout camp this summer. One thing the midgets will never have to worry about is layout editing. Their fonts, margins, and title pages will be the very definition of perfection.


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