What I would like

I have been giving some thought to my career choices. Or rather, what would I do if I could do anything.

I love to write. This includes translating highly technical material into laymen’s terms, writing about my own life and thoughts, and writing non-fiction about specific subject matter.

I am rather introverted in person. I’m an innovative thinker for solving practical problems and I am rather frank.

I hate routine, beige cubicles and people who would rather talk about work than do the work. I also hate ambiguity, lack of clear direction and rigid schedules.

I’m interested in new technology and inventions that make people’s lives easier. I love communication in all its forms.

I also love spending time with my husband. He and I are one of those couples who work well together. We move furniture, figure out directions and deal with stress by helping each other. I would love to work side by side with him on a business venture of some kind. I could easily see myself working in his small retail store once his business really gets going.

I also like change. I move furniture quite often to satisfy this urge.

I’m giving some serious thought to developing some iPhone applications. I have some good ideas of what I can create to fill some specific niches.

Meanwhile I will keep going to my cube farm each day. I’m nothing if not practical and responsible. It’s sort of a curse.


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