A little bit of sunlight is slipping through the clouds

It’s amazing what a good weekend will do for one’s outlook. This weekend I spent some alone time with husband at a wine tasting, and after that we had the rest of the entire day together sans children. Next weekend he is out of town again, but that will be easier to bear now that I have had some of his time focussed on me.

Today I had a one-on-one meeting with my manager. I was very frank about how I felt about my roles and responsibilites being changed without my input. I do not want to look for a new job; I want to make this one better. I have been with my current employer for over 7 years now, and have built up some fabulous friendships with coworkers. The only difference I can see between my current job and a new one is that I would be losing these connections. Same office cube environment, similar pay, with fewer tangible benefits than staying here. My manager was very open with me in return and appreciated my honesty. I have always done well here but lately my performance is lacklustre due to my position change. He and I are going to work together to find a solution. He will look for opportunities for me to do more of the writing aspects of my new role and I will (try to) be patient.

Meanwhile I am busy building up stock for my future business. I’m also seeking an iPhone app developer to run with an idea I have. Exciting things are happening!



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