Are you grumpy about V day?

If yes, you are going to rain on my parade. I don’t LOVE V day, but I don’t feel strongly about it either way. If you want to read some horrible Valentine’s day stories, go to Jezebel or Gawker and get your fill. You will either feel better because you haven’t had that horrible of a day, or you will feel better knowing there are others out there in a similar situation.

My positive mood is fragile, and although I’m good with bravado and fending off negativity, I can do only so much. I have no big plans today but I will likely get a treat for my midgets to enjoy. Husband and I had a nice quiet dinner last night, just the two of us, which in my opinion counts as a V day celebration. We ordered up some Thai food delivered, opened a bottle of wine we bought at a recent wine tasting, and talked about our days, etc. Lately we have had a good amount of time together and that makes me feel good. Our time together has not been spent doing housework and other drudgery, so that helps. I mean really, if you are cleaning out the garage together, that doesn’t count as quality couple time. At all. Go and do something fun. If you have nothing to talk about because you are coping with small children, full-time jobs, and keeping a household running, that’s a valid reason to see a movie. You don’t need to talk during and then afterward you have ready-made conversation material.

For the singletons reading this, you don’t have to be sad about V day either. You can celebrate (even if it’s just a little bit) with friends. Friendship is mortar that holds together your life bricks. Ha ha. No really. When you are down, when you are happy, when you are frustrated, bored, and everything in between, friends will be ready to commiserate or celebrate. These relationships cannot be discounted.

I’m not Dr. Phil, but I know a thing or two about making one’s self happy and content within the confines of every day life.


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