Another weekend, another opportunity to think

This weekend, husband and I, with the help of movers, moved his business to a new location. Tomorrow is a statutory holiday so we will be spending the day unpacking and organizing his store. Girl midget is really excited to help — she loves moving furniture around, just like Mommy. The new space has really great natural light, is freshly painted, quiet, and a busy location. So we are all hoping this will increase his foot traffic. Judging from the difficulty I had finding a nearby parking space, there will be plenty of walk-in clients.

Today I’m quietly crocheting some projects and watching movies. This morning I told husband I’m basically a senior citizen. Throw some Antique Roadshow on the telly and the picture is complete. I also enjoy watching Dragon’s Den for the crazy and sometimes brilliant business ideas presented there. Example of crazy – creating a how-to DVD to teach women how to walk properly in high heels. Doesn’t everyone learn this from trying on her mother’s shoes and stumbling around? Maybe not. But everyone thinks she can walk in heels already, so I don’t know who would buy it.

Another example of crazy biz idea on that show is the one with the guy who was asking for 200 million to build a luxury family resort for rich people to drive a wide variety of fancy cars. To support his idea did he bring architectural plans, a detailed business plan, financials, or mock-ups? Nope. He brought a flip chart and a package of markers. He was yelled off the set by all of the ‘dragons.’

An example of great idea is the mobile tire changing and tire storage service vehicle. They will come to your house, change over your tires to winter tires or back to summer tires, rotate the tires, and take away the unneeded tires to store them for the season. Very cool idea, high overhead, had impressive sales already, and the ‘dragons’ clamoured to invest.

The first question the ‘dragon’ will ask the person pitching the business idea is “What are your sales?” If you answer Zero, you have very little chance of getting any investors that day. It’s also interesting when the ‘dragons’ tell inventors their idea is horrible and they should stop pouring their lives and savings into furthering the horrible idea. This information is never welcome. It’s sort of like telling a person their relationship is crap. You can’t tell someone that. They have to realize it themselves.

My parents are on a cruise right now. After having read about the cruise ship disaster that barely managed to make it to shore in Mobile Alabama, I am worried about them being on a ship. If you haven’t read about this story, click this link: Add that to the cruise ship that partially sank off the coast of Italy, and you will not be able to get me onto a ship ever.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate flying? The dislike is not based on fear. It’s based on loss of control over the speed at which I am traveling AND the unpleasant conditions that I must endure while waiting for us to get to the destination. It starts with the 3-hour advance check-in at the airport. Because I’m not a VIP flyer, of course I am not allowed to wait in an airport lounge. Instead we are given rows of straight-back chairs that have fixed armrests in between each chair, so that laying down, reclining, or relaxing in any way is impossible/not allowed. Many other flyers are traveling economy just like I am, and so we are all waiting at the airport gate while crowded together. After trying to stave off boredom by talking, playing cards, and buying overpriced books and candy, we have about 1 more hour to wait before boarding. When boarding begins, the waiting crowds rush the gate. I don’t understand why the rush to get to one’s assigned seat. Do other people like to spend extra time in their airplane seat? I wait until almost everyone is on the plane, then I gather my carry-ons and make my way over with my passport and boarding pass, ready to submit to someone else’s idea of luxury travel. Is it any wonder why people dress down these days for airline travel?

The fun isn’t over yet; there is still the tiny seat you are afforded on the airplane, along with hundreds of other travelers, with tiny microwaved lean cuisines, tiny drinks, tiny bathrooms, and then after about 5 hours of this, landing. Sweet jaysus I am so happy to land. If nothing else to stand up, move my arms, stop having to wait in line/wait my turn for every small service, and get the HELL out of the stale air that always makes me dehydrated. Of course I can’t bring a bottle of water with me on the airplane, due to liquids restriction. It’s up to the flight attendants to provide adequate liquids to everyone on board.

Landing is always a joy, shuffling through crowds over to the luggage carousel, wait for my luggage that looks a lot like everyone else’s, get through customs, and then push our way through to the outdoors where we will then wait for a taxi or airport shuttle. See, this whole process makes a vacation that much nicer because you are grateful to be ANYWHERE besides home or in the airplane. But it also erases all of the relaxation I’ve built up when I repeat the process to get back home again. And if that didn’t beat me down again, my beige cube will do the trick. So why do I travel at all? Wouldn’t it be easier to stay home? My hope springs eternal that one day this process will not deplete me? Or maybe I think the struggle and being treated like cattle is worth the travel experience.

Well I have crocheting to do. And I had better rest up for my furniture moving adventure tomorrow! So excited, seriously.


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