You couldn’t possibly understand

I work miracles in the kitchen. How is it that I can spend a good amount of time planning and then executing recipes for dinner, the result of which goes uneaten? I’m not sure how I manage to spend so much time on a food item that gets rejected. This happened again yesterday. I prepared skewers of tofu and pineapple, made an asian sauce to pour on top, then baked it while I made some rice to go with it. It looked and smelled great, and I personally liked it a lot. Surprisingly, the problem wasn’t the tofu. The midgets did not like the sauce. FYI, I didn’t create the sauce on the fly, I actually followed a recipe. The midgets know by now that if I cook a meal and they don’t like it, they are on their own as far getting fed. At age 9 and 11, they are fully capable of finding something to eat on their own.

For your reference:

Don’t count on getting the same results as I did. Like I said, you couldn’t possibly understand my superpower!



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