Dogs Update

A few months ago Boy midget was diagnosed as allergic to dogs (and cats, feathers, and dust mites). Because we all love having dogs in the house, this diagnosis was quite a blow. So we decided to stage an experiment, wherein we got the dogs out of the house for a period of time to see if Boy midget was doing better healthwise. Turns out the difference after the dogs left was immediate. Even the rest of us who are not allergic to dogs noticed the air felt cleaner and lighter.

At the mere mention of permanently removing Ellie and Pickle, Boy midget bursts into tears, angry at his own body. After much consideration, we are installing air cleaners. 1 will be in the boys’ room, and 1 on the main floor of our house. The dogs return to our home tomorrow, to what I’m sure will be a joyful reunion for all. I am hoping the air cleaners will be a permanent solution we are all looking for here.

Meanwhile, I am busy working on ponchos for Barbie dolls.


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