Raising Girls

Everyday when I interact with Girl midget, I hope she is getting what she needs from me to grow into a confident adult. Heavy.

I find myself trying to teach her to be tough mentally and physically, more than I do with my son. I know how hard women have it these days (duh) and I’m teaching her to deflect criticism, guilt, and pain. If she can’t get to school when she’s got the sniffles how is she going to survive her monthly periods? She can’t be a wimp if I expect her to survive the teenage years. Or my menopause. But that’s another story for 15 years from now. I hope.

I also want her to be impervious to partners who would be a waste of her precious time. And by that I mean people who would not respect and treasure her. Also friends who are not what they seem. She must learn to stand up for herself; of course all children must learn this. But girls are conditioned to be sweet, pliant, and modest. Boys are taught to speak up and physically take what’s theirs if necessary. All I’m doing is teaching my daughter these ideas.

Someday she will have her own partner and family, of this I’m sure. And as every mother knows (and father but today I’m talking about women), working full time and being a parent is very demanding both physically and mentally. The first few years of your offspring’s life you are busier than you ever pictured you would be when you read those parenting books. Suddenly you understand why most parents of toddlers have dead eyes and barely get themselves showered and dressed never mind fashionably. Let’s all thank Starbucks and Tim Horton for their takeout cups of magic energy liquid. Why can no one (that I know of) write an accurate description of modern motherhood?

Girl midget will need all of her strength to get through junior high, high school, university/college, and out into the working world. No doubt. So I’m sending her to school when she doesn’t think she feels well enough, on tylenol and a steely resolve.


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