Boys in school

Boy midget is 11 years old and in grade 6. His grades up until this year were straight As. This year he received some Bs mixed in with the usual As. I’m ok with him getting the occasional B but it’s surprising given his record.

This year he has complained about the favouritism toward girls and against boys. I listen carefully and I sympathise, but what can I do about it? I always noticed in elementary and high school that teachers favoured girls. I benefitted from the discrimination of course but I felt badly for boys who were singled out or punished as a whole for harmless offences. And now I see it happening with my own son.

Many studies have been done that prove this discrimination exists. There’s a good short article in the Globe and Mail if you’re interested in reading about some of the study results:

I’ve not seen any solutions to this ongoing insidious problem in the school. I can hardly call up the school and accuse them of subtle consistent discrimination; the teachers there are educated and enlightened, and likely think they’ve successfully avoided favouring girl students.

Boy midget’s music teacher, for example, yells at the boys a lot (according to Boy). How am I to address this issue? On a case-by-case basis? I trust the teachers to do a good job and I don’t want to interfere; certainly they are trained and better at teaching than I am. I respect their authority over my offspring.

Would sending Boy midget to an all-boys school lessen the problem, or make his life worse? Probably worse, according to this research:

Of course there is a LOT of debate about single sex vs. coed schools for all age groups. You can find studies and research to support whichever educational route you choose for your kids. For example:

I’m not an expert on education, but I feel like I need to be in order to make the right choice for my kids. This year is the last one for Boy midget in his current school. I hold out hope that his new school will be better balanced.


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