Oh Spring, I love you

This morning there were birds chirping, sun shining, and crisp Spring air. Ah yes, Spring has sprung! It is the time of year when I go into the backyard with a shovel to scoop up all the melted dog poop, to ready the yard for use now that the snow and ice crust is leaving us.

This morning husband and I performed the simplest of modern domestic tasks: we emptied the car. You have no idea what a help that is, for me. I don’t expect this help. It’s a happy surprise every time. I assume, wrongly, that I am responsible for everything around the house and that I must grin and bear it. I am proven wrong almost daily.

Yesterday I listened to what I thought was a hilarious 10 minute podcast featuring 3 comedians, one of whom is Chris D’Elia. In this pod cast these three bachelors mused about what women want/like/love. I can conclude from this that they know nothing and are comfortable with their ignorance. Fair enough. At least they are entertaining in their complete lack of understanding and in fact contempt at times. I agreed with some of their observations, specifically the part about a woman going on and on about a spiritual journey in conversation with a guy who didn’t care at all, at a place to eat salad. 

Boy midget’s birthday is in April and so Spring for me brings memories of my last days of pregnancy with him and the first weeks of bewilderment on both of our parts after his birth. I’m reminded of bleary-eyed exhaustion, pushing a stroller in the sunshine and cool air, learning how to take care of a baby all day while my husband was at work, and all night while my husband was asleep. (sorry, was that mean? too bad, it stays in.)

Before I had my son, Spring to me always brought memories of final exams in university. That nervous energy spiraled inside my chest propelling me to read and study more more more. All building to a crescendo in the exam and a denoument immediately afterward in the form of sweet, sweet sleep with the windows open and birds chirping.

We are off on an adventure to Washington DC for a week. I might post a bit while away and I’ll certainly post some pictures upon my return, if not sooner. I booked us a great place to stay through www.airbnb.com, a web site I highly recommend for finding less expensive and less conventional accomodation than hotels.

On our itinerary, which I worked up on my iPhone by using a travel guide I downloaded from mTrip, we are planning to see the following sites:

National Air and Space Museum

Point of View (P.O.V.) Terrace and Lounge (I had to make reservations 3 months in advance to get in here.)


Arlington National Cemetery, House and Bridge

White House (although we can’t get inside since we are Canadian)

Library of Congress

Dupont Circle (A very hip neighbourhood in which to hang out.)

International Spy Museum (Here you assume a concealed identity for an hour and play virtual games, plus there will be a real former agent on hand and 600 exhibits to look at.)

National Postal Museum (Yes I am a nerd. Whatever.)

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (aka the mint)

National Museum of Natural History (At this point we might be running through the exhibits since our schedule is so packed.)




The change of season always raises my spirits, I’ve realized. I get a little bored of whatever season I’m in and I look forward to the upcoming seasonal actitivies. Don’t go thinking I couldn’t live happily in a year-round temperate climate, because I’m pretty sure there are airplanes I could ride in to take me to different seasons when needed.



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