What did we see in DC?

National Air and Space Museum – Check.

Point of View (P.O.V.) Terrace and Lounge (I had to make reservations 3 months in advance to get in here.) – Check.

Capitol – Check.

Arlington National Cemetery, House and Bridge – Does it count if we drove past it?

White House (although we can’t get inside since we are Canadian) – Nope.

Library of Congress – Check. Wow.

Dupont Circle (A very hip neighbourhood in which to hang out.) – Half Check. We didn’t spend as much time here as we planned, due to it not being what we expected. I was expecting a pedestrian haven, but was confronted with a million cafes, no parking, lots of cars, and nothing special.

International Spy Museum (Here you assume a concealed identity for an hour and play virtual games, plus there will be a real former agent on hand and 600 exhibits to look at.) – Check.

National Postal Museum (Yes I am a nerd. Whatever.) – Nope.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (aka the mint) – Nope.

National Museum of Natural History (At this point we might be running through the exhibits since our schedule is so packed.) – Nope.

Added sites: Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool (actually a pond, which is much less sophisticated so I get the name change), Jefferson Memorial.


We turned out to have less time and patience AND stamina than we anticipated. The accomodations we rented were FABULOUS. I really can’t say enough positives about it. Location, decor, cleanliness, comfort. Having a nice retreat makes leaving all the more difficult, but our vacation was very enjoyable because the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen were lovely. Our host, Tiffany, welcomed us and showed us around the house. We even washed a load of laundry while there.

I even learned to embrace the car ride. Similar to United States of Tara, I learned to love the riiiiiiiide. We had lots of good family time in the car on our way back home, and we stopped at fun places to eat.

After we left DC we stopped off in Philadelphia to visit husband’s brother and family. We stayed in a hotel for the night, in 2 rooms. When I went to fetch the kids for dinner a few hours after we had checked in, their room smelled like fart and the bed and couch were devoid of all sheets, pillows, cushions, and blankets. Plus there were shoes all over the place and jackets. Now, my mother would have raised hell about this. Me? I’d rather pretend I didn’t see it. Or smell it. Not my problem.

The next day we set out for Rochester NY, another stop on our way home. We weren’t visiting anyone there, but figured instead of driving 10 hours straight home (an optimistic estimate at best), we would drive 6 hours to Rochester, sleep at mother-in-law’s condo, then continue on Sunday morning for the last 4 hours of driving. Yes, husband and I had considered pushing through. But our kids aren’t babies any longer and they have needs and requirements too. And they required a break. We crossed back into Canada early on Sunday morning after being granted access by a very surly border guard. What EVER dude, we are pasty sorry Canadians with no contraband, let us in!

To say I felt absolutely destroyed for most of the day after we arrived home is like calling menstrual cramps a minor inconvenience. And yet, AND YET, the midgets weren’t tired at all. They were playing, jumping, laughing, busy. So I sent them on a drug store errand, ha! With the dogs in tow, ha! Take your cheery energy elsewhere, small humansImage.





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