This is what passes for outrageous in an office these days

Behold, my out of office message from last week, sent as an automatic reply from my email program to all emails received during my absence:

I am out of the office from Monday March 11 until the morning of Monday March 18, discussing foreign policy with the US president and conducting press interviews with the First Lady.

During my absence contact my manager _________ ___________.

T Ro



I returned to the office this week to a short meeting with my immediate manager. 3 company big wigs had sent out broadcast emails during my absence and so received my auto-reply. 1 was amused, 1 was neutral, 1 was OUTRAGED. Really?! I found it hard to take the reprimand seriously. This is a (apparently serious) work setting, so I communicated the dates I would be away and who to contact during my absence. So what if I injected a little humour? I would think it would be a welcome addition.

My manager narrowly escaped having to insert a letter in my employee file due to this incident. I wouldn’t have cared if he had, but it’s great to know he has my back on this. My manager, by the way, thought the auto-reply hilarious, as I intended! Extra points for understanding the T Ro reference.


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