How far do germs travel?

I’m serious. What is the velocity of germs from your mouth when you cough? Yes I know all about Google. Blah. Maybe I should search on WebMD.

Why am I asking this? Because a co-worker/pod mate is sick with a mild cough and cold. I don’t care since I feel immortal most of the time and unsmotable too. But I have another pod mate who is the most paranoid (that’s the polite word for it) person ever. And sensitive (to be pronounced sensssssssitive, if you know what I mean). She just requested the sick co-worker not cough in her direction (although he is coughing into his sleeve) as she is feeling vulnerable today. Their distance from each other is about 8 feet, I would guess. (I’m a pretty good distance guesser and I love bracketed comments.)

This paranoid sensitive coworker is also senssssssitive to others talking on their desk phones. Or making any noise at all. Unless she is the one having a long phone conversation, and in that case she is not bothering anyone.

I don’t dislike this person. I find her odd, persnickity and sometimes silly but she doesn’t drive me crazy or even irritate me at work. She baffles me.



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