Loving Family

I was in Winners this week (again what a surprise) because it’s right across from my work and is a great place to walk around for 20 minutes while I’m taking my equivalent of a smoke break.

While I was browsing in the toy aisle I saw a doll house for sale that comes with figures included. The doll house is a colonial named Loving Family, and OF COURSE comes with a white family consisting of Mom, Dad, Baby Girl, Small Boy. Do I need comment? No? Good.

When is some hipster going to get some capital together and start redesigning toys? We could have a doll house that is a fixer-upper with 3 unrelated adults living in it and 5 kids. Or a Kate and Allie doll house, remember that show? There would be a couch with mysterious stains on it, mismatched other furniture, 1 bathroom with an over-loaded towel rack and overflowing laundry hamper, messy as hell kids’ rooms, and various half-dying plants, an x-box, computer, and piles of papers that are VERY important but no one knows what they are for.

You’re welcome, future entrepreneurs.


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