Going Green [shudder]

Has there ever been a more over-used phrase? This meme is going on longer than the laser phenomenon of the early 90s. You are selling something in the 90s? Better add laser technology to the description.

Earlier this morning I was reading Twitter posts and one from Fast Company caught my eye. I generally like the FC posts because they are interesting, innovative, and cater to a generation that is willing to embrace change.
Check this out: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672193/10-excellent-ads-for-green-living-from-top-designers?utm_source=twitter#1

I was underwhelmed. I don’t see much if any wit being used, and the approach is so very earnest. Isn’t the best way to get people to do you bidding to make them laugh/think/remember your ad? Some of these creations contain such obscure references as to be uninteresting to me, the person being targeted, which looked at each of these an average of 5 seconds.
The guy in the giant sweater is mildly amusing, but again, so nerdy (in a bad way – yes there is a bad way) and uncool. The part of the ad that makes it unattractive is that he thinks he IS cooler than thou.

There was another twitter post, days ago, that I enjoyed and could easily be spun as an environmental message. FC could learn something here:

Rather than trying to be esoteric and mysterious, try being witty.


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