Instead of Whining

I’ve sent an email to a reputable iPhone developer and I’ll see where this action takes me. 

Yesterday I was driving over to my exercise class near husband’s store and it was around that time of day when parents are picking up their kids from daycares. School had long since been let out, but now the in-school daycares were closing up for the day. Heaven forbid you should show up 1 minute late lest you be charged an outrageous fee for them taking care of your offspring. I don’t blame the daycares; you have to draw the line somewhere. And some parents are chronically late, so there should be penalties for inconveniencing one’s fellow humans.  I don’t know if these penalty fees make up for taking care of someone else’s children overtime.

The 2012 Sunshine List is being published today at 1 pm. This is traditionally a day of low morale around here combined with surprise at how little or how much salary our managers and colleagues are taking home. (

The point of this post was to opine on whether most parents and children are happy with the current routine of daycare-school-daycare-home. Am I alone in hating this structure/race to fit everything in plus earn a ‘decent’ income for my family? We rush to get to daycare or school to drop off the young, they face a day of learning and socializing while we cyberserfs/lily-white-handed office workers go to our workplaces to create documents, processes, notes, and plans plus attend meetings that at the time seem terribly important. I’m trying to use neutral language here but it’s difficult for me.

There are many parents who successfully work from home and home-school their children. I’m not necessarily advocating either of these. I fear I would become a shut-in if I didn’t have a good reason to leave the house every day. It’s unbelievable that, while living in a densely populated area there is still the possibility of feeling and being completely alone.

The problem with me is I have too many choices. The main factor reining me in is that I have to maintain close proximity to midgets’ father so he can see them regularly. Otherwise I don’t know what I would be doing or where I would be living. But also this is a yoke around my neck keeping me from leading an adventurous life with my children.  It’s a mixed blessing obviously. The way things are going, the midgets are going to lead the same life I am, and I’m not sure I want some of that for them. The stress and pressure to be ‘a certain way’ and follow ‘a certain path’ is not all that desirable.

I told them I don’t care what they do after they get a degree/diploma/trade certification, and I told them they should do something daring and adventurous with their lives. Time will tell the tale.



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