Chatterboxes, Siblings

Husband and I have a hard time communicating lately. This is because of Girl midget who never.shuts.up. She talks when we are talking, she fills all the empty spaces between conversations, sentences and words, AND she talks when she is supposed to be sleeping in bed. From the moment she wakes up she is talking in various volumes depending on her audience and whether they are paying attention. This continues until she leaves for school (and if we give her a ride to school obviously she talks the whole way there) and as soon as I see her late afternoon she starts up again. Everything she observes she needs to vocalize and otherwise ponder out loud. And the questions. Oi, the questions. (Oi is the Irish spelling. I feel I need to explain this to my Jewish readers.)

Last night was a regular night at our house. I finished work for the day and started my second job – molding young minds and bending them to my will. Mostly I try to respond to all comments and questions from both midgets, which means I hold up my index finger to one of them at times so I can correctly hear and then answer the question being posed that is obviously sooooooooo urgent and important. Do children ever outgrow their self-centredness when they are around their parents? I ask because I’m not sure I have. Go ahead, kill any hope I have in my heart that one day the midgets will give a crap about anyone besides themselves, their needs, and their little lives less than they do of their parents. The emotion is called compassion and it’s not taught in school.

I used to take my 2 midgets everywhere with me and together the 3 of us had some fun times. This format needs to be put on hold until they grow up a bit and stop bugging the shit out of each other. We usually need a 4th nowadays to balance out the personalities and take the pressure off me to interact separately with each of them. What happens every time we try to do something together is they start verbally arguing. They call names, they figuratively push each other’s buttons, and I end up being the most upset of all. So eff that. I expect some back-and-forth between siblings because that’s normal behaviour and my midgets aren’t angels. But WOW, every outing seems to be ruined these days. Both of them are becoming increasingly moody on a regular basis; this is my payback for having them so close in age to each other. (I thought I had already gotten payback by having 2 in diapers for a full year, oh! and giving life to 2 babies within 26 months.)

When the midgets are grown up I wonder if they would still keep in touch. Heaven knows I haven’t with my sibs although our relationships wax and wane.


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