There’s something that happens to me when I’m physically tired – my mind goes blank. Sometimes I use this state to my advantage. I keep moving and getting things done, although more and more slowly. Other times, like today, my mind shuts down, so that I don’t even know how to make myself feel better. What to eat? What to do with my time today? Should I try to sleep this afternoon? What are we doing this evening? Absolutely nothing, is the answer to that last question. I’m stationed on a couch, watching Jeopardy! while I type this post. I’m alive, I’m carrying on, I’m prepared to go at this mountain of belongings again tomorrow. All of this will make our house sell more quickly for more money, and ultimately make moving houses much easier.

Even Husband, a bona fide pack rat, has gone through his belongings and whittled them down a little bit. A little bit. And that’s all I can ask of him at the moment. I have to do a final de-clutter of both kids’ rooms, plus find storage options for the boxes of belongings I have packed up (winter coats, boots, some books). The shed is maxed out, but I might be able to fit some of these plastic tubs underneath the back deck. Next weekend will be the big push to get everything finished, so for now I’ll just keep going on the tasks I can do myself. I often compare myself to the tortoise in the fairy tale featuring it and the hare. I might be slow but I never stop. Underestimating me is a big mistake.


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