Yesterday I noticed a part of my car’s body is barely hanging on, due to an incredible amount of rust. I didn’t care though, because my house is ready for market. After a very intense weekend during which I was faced with my own mental and physical decline due to exhaustion and stress, we are ready.

I knew this process of selling our house would be hard work, intensely difficult at times, and busy. But the reality is of course 100 times more difficult than we can imagine. And our neighbor is bummed, to say the least, that we are leaving. My family arrived at this decision after much careful thought and I’m certain it’s the right path. But that doesn’t make it easy to follow through on, of course, for anyone. I met with some resistance from the midgets but they don’t get a vote so they will have to suck up their disappointment and get on with their lives.

I’m so grateful to have a supportive husband. This buying and selling of homes has not been easy for him but he sees the logic in it. I have done my best to suppress my urge to purge our belongings and/or lay down a carpet of flames to get rid of what I consider at this moment things we do not really need. The Oasis drop box had been receiving some good loot, let me tell you. Speaking of possessions, I’m often reminded of the movie The Mission, with Jeremy Irons (remember how hot he used to be?) and Robert DeNiro. Highly worth watching or at least reading about on IMDB.


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