Vitamins T, E, O, K and P

These are my glory years. My mother has told me that many times, and sometimes I believe it. There is so much activity in my house and in my daily life.

I think we adults are so used to being in a box that we forget we have the power to get outside it when we want to. This afternoon, accompanied by my daughter and stepdaughter, we picked up a giant jaw-breaker, an iced coffee, and an ice cream cone, then went to the beach with the 2 dogs. Once there we lounged on the sand and soaked up the rays, view of the water, and feel of the sand. My little girl climbed a nearby lifeguard tower while the dogs ran around on the sand and in the shallow coastline of lake Ontario. At one point we were all congregated in one place on the sand, and while I used my purse as a pillow my little girl used me as pillow and the dogs came and went, their legs covered in wet sand. Stepdaughter lounged nearby. Such a wonderful interlude on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. My mood is relaxed and serene regardless of all the motherhood machinations I must get through tonight – dinner, Scouts drop-off, laundry, bedtime.

It’s so easy to make life more pleasant; all we have to do is remember we have the power to do so.


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