Family Time

I’ve written this before here that my Mom considers my current situation to be my golden/good years. Because later on all of my chicks will have flown the nest and I’ll be, what exactly?

Is life really that boring without your kids around constantly? Yesterday was a holiday here and I spent a good deal of time with 2 of the offspring. It was pleasant for sure. Fine weather, no puberty, beach, ice cream and wonderful happy husband.

But would my days be less fun without the midgets around? I have doubts. I have always been a working mother and so am used to not spending all day with my midgets. Add to that their dad and I share custody so I see them only half of every week. They are certainly independent little stinkers. As am I.

For some reason I always need a project. A goal to focus on to make my life better, more grand, more perfect. Staying the same = being stagnant.

We distract ourselves with Halo, Lainey Gossip, Etsy and tv. I feel time ticking. I have a fire in my belly to blaze new trails for me and mine. I have always had this passion and I finally have a partner who is entrepreneurial as well. He and I often think of business ideas and solutions, mostly hypothetical but interesting nonetheless.

Have I really gone to uni for 5 years and busted my ass to pay for it just to get a regular job? It would appear to be a yes there. No shame in that at all. Many of my forefathers and mothers didn’t have this opportunity and in fact I am the first person in my family to finish a post secondary degree. This is my secret shame then- that I’m an ingrate.

I have everything I once imagined for myself. But dreams and goals evolve over time. It’s the classic human problem: give someone a bed and then they want a blanket. Give them a blanket and they want a pillow.