changing the course

I have read a few books on how to gain financial independence from people who are supposed to know how it’s done. Some of the advice is useful for sure, and nearly all of them say to leverage whatever financial assets you have, to advance your goals.

One of the pieces of advice that inevitably comes up concerns your housing cost; how to reduce it, how to use your equity to your advantage, etc. I am prepared to use all of the tools available to me, and so husband and I agreed we should sell our house and bank the equity so that we could in turn invest in something else.

The books gloss over all the details about uprooting one’s family, including the buying and selling of property, staging one’s house to look like a hotel every morning, desperately checking email to see if there are any appointments to view our house that day.

I’m not going to gloss over this. I have read many biographies of successful entrepreneurs and they share a few things in common: they all have perfectly ordinary childhoods and early adulthood; they all have supportive wives who take care of the kidlets while man is off breaking new ground; and everyone around them thinks they’re crazy. I would love to read a book written from the perspective of the wife or kids. Or even from a man who can be honest about the stress he put his family and himself through. Frankly I think most successful men forget about the stress because they are focussed on their goal. But I’m a woman, a mother at that, and I always think about the psyches of my little ones (and not so little ones).

So I try to strike a compromise between my own ambition and the needs of my family. As a result I try to do everything myself. And then I become short-tempered and generally impatient toward, well, everyone else. I’m hoping this phase will be short-lived, because honestly I’m tired of the limbo, tired of being the glue, tired of being the crusader. This is why we often stay in our jobs, homes, marriage, countries, etc. Change is too uncomfortable, too hard. Big discovery there, huh?


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