Sieze the Day! Bite me!

I just got back from a short trip to Marshall’s, which happens to be very close to my office job. The benefits of having a fun shopping destination nearby are numerous, including buying last-minute birthday gifts and school stuff, etc. etc. etc.

I perused the Home department, full of lovely pillows, photo frames, pet accessories and wall canvases. I don’t know how else to describe the ‘pithy’ word art that’s for sale. One such series tells the reader to Seize the Day, Live Each Moment to its Fullest, Be Your Best Self Every Day. Well, to that I say, Bite me. Actually, years of elementary school, high school, university, and general living on the grid, my creativity is all but beaten out of me. Nose to the grindstone is what we are usually told to do, just keep that head down and eventually you will be rewarded for your banal, unrelenting, unending workdays. Wiiiith what?

And then we have the gall to put this artwork on our walls, as IF these sayings have inspired us to great heights of the human condition?! No no no. We don’t take these sayings seriously. Even the get rich gurus don’t believe these sayings even if they spout them regularly. If they did, they would follow their own advice. Instead they work away in obscurity for years. They are not seizing their day and neither is anyone else over the age of 5.

In other news, our house remains on the market, along with a bunch of other ones. Mwah.


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