The heart wants what it wants

Today my heart wanted to crochet all day. I’m off work at the moment so that helps the crochet obsession, increasing it, that is.

However. Today I made another Barbie dress that I call The Canadian, simply because it’s red and white. Girl midget is able to crochet but it’s difficult to explain patterns to her. This is too bad for me because of course she wants to do whatever I’m doing. I have tried working through a pattern with her and at some point I always end up taking over. That situation isn’t optimal but it is inevitable.

My stepdad used to crochet when he was a boy, due to growing up in Montana where there was a lot of snow and long winters. My mom of course can crochet as well, because she is the Queen of Domestic Arts. I am merely a smaller imitation, in terms of knowledge and talent. If I were a lesser person I might be jealous of her skills.

I’m currently at a neighborhood cafe having my alone time. This is a ritual I’ve come to rely on and recently husband has discovered how peaceful is my morning routine of beach + iced coffee.

Tomorrow I return to my love and my life, sans girl midget. She will remain with my mom for an extended visit and then fly home. I have enjoyed this relaxing respite. Life here isn’t much different than the one I lead, except I go to work on weekdays. If the heat had been less intense this week I’m sure I would have found myself out on morning walks with my mom.

Yesterday we visited my grandma and took her to a doctor’s appointment at the local hospital. Grandma is quite a handful with her needs and demands. She is also lonely and no matter how many visits she receives they are never enough to satisfy. And so she does what she needs to, to get ever more focus and attention onto herself. I understand, as much as I can. She is also elderly and can’t remember or process as much info as she used to. But I do believe she is a lovable drama queen.

I hear grandma’s voice and think of happy times I have had with her over the years. She doesn’t even look that different to me even though she has aged a great deal. I guess children always think old people look very old. I’m committed to visiting her this winter when my parents are away. It’s funny, many people mistakenly think I’m just patient and kind. Little do they know I also don’t put up with bullshit. Should be an interesting year…


Pee, Poop, & Puke

I’m away from home right now, visiting my parents. I have girl midget with me and boy midget is at camp. The other three offspring are busy living their lives. This leaves husband with the task of looking after Ellie and Pickle.

Husband is not what you would call a dog-person. He doesn’t understand them, like them, or enjoy them in his daily life. Unlike me, he does not find the smell of their fur comforting. As a result, our dogs are really MY dogs, and I’m fine with that. I do all the care, walking, and feeding. Husband tolerates having them in our home and trust me that’s a big deal.

So when I leave town occasionally, husband is the dog sitter. This time around he made it 2 days before sending out a hail Mary to the dog sitter we usually employ. Husband did everything I do; he took them to the beach in the mornings, let them out into the backyard when necessary and even showed them affection. He noticed Ellie, our neurotic golden/coonhound seed depressed without me around but otherwise normal. Pickle, of course, was fine. But she is a dog.

Last night he came home from work to 2 dogs and a horrible stench. Words don’t do justice to describe the HUGE amounts of pee, poop, and puke spread out on our main floor. We are all grateful this happened on the hardwood instead of the carpet. But still. Ellie was a nervous wreck and her body demonstrated her distress.

Husband immediately called me to get the dog sitter’s number. Luckily Ellie loves her and goes with her willingly. But still sucks for husband who did nothing wrong and yet still had to clean up piles of waste. He sent Pickle out too because he didn’t want to risk her misbehaving due to Ellie’s absence.

Ellie you are not endearing yourself to Husband, and if it weren’t for me you would find yourself out on your ass!

Oh, right.

My blog! I’ve been pretty busy deciding to take our house off the market and dealing with litigation from sellers of the house we were supposed to move buy. Long story short, we had the wrong agent for selling in our white-bread neighborhood and the market has definitely cooled off since last year. My stress was at an all-time high. I actually don’t remember ever being so tense for weeks and weeks at a time. So.

I have made some progress in pursuing a creative outlet; my crocheted Barbie clothes are available now in a local store. I’m pretty chuffed about that. And since that store bought most of my stock, I am working steadily to build up the supply once again. I will approach other retailers as well, and expand my client base.

This week I’m away with my youngest girl, off to Grandma’s condo. Boy midget is away at camp, leaving husband and other boy midget at home with the dogs. My only worry is that the humans remember to let the dogs out into the yard as soon as the humans return from being away. Otherwise, there will be consequences. I haven’t been feeding the dogs their raw meat diet since the beginning of May. I shall start again, now that we can have frozen meat thawing out on the kitchen countertop.

I recently discovered some good vegan smoothie recipes on I highly recommend even if you’re an omnivore. The smoothies give an amazing boost of energy and feeling of well-being.

I shall return to regular posting; consider this my inaugural post of my comeback.