What I read online

New York Times

http://formercriminalprosecutor.blogspot.ca/?m=1: This blogger rambles a LOT but there are some interesting stories to read here.

Dlisted.com: This blog is total celebrity dishing and good fun.

Theberry.com: Silly pictures and funny stories.

Ricksteves.com: Amazing travel writer, specializing in the less popular and therefore more meaningful sites. I’ve been listening to his pod casts lately to gather info for our trip to Great Britain next year.

I used to read Perez Hilton but a number of years ago he turned nice. I don’t have a problem with nice as long as there’s no ass-kissing and the niceness is believable.

I used to read gofugyourself.com but there is, it turns out, a finite number of insults one can use to criticize a celebrity’s outfit.


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