This morning I got my income taxes calculated and filed by an accountant (?) recommended by a work friend. I went to him last year and was very impressed with his speed and thoroughness. I couldn’t tell you his name though because I don’t know it. He is Chinese and so is his name.

Last year we were given his home address where he operated his business. This year we had a vague memory where he was located, so we took a drive over there. We thought we had driven too far up the street on which we thought he had been located. Miraculously we found his house. I went up to the front door and rang the bell. Meanwhile husband saw a very faded sign in the front window (the house faces east) that said he had moved to a different address. The address was very faint, and remember we don’t know his name so we couldn’t google.

We drove to the next address and we actually found him. I went in the front door and recognized him immediately. Whew. Went back out to the car to get paperwork… Which was not there because we forgot it at home.

Back into the car to drive home and get papers. The whole ride home we were both stressed and annoyed with traffic, construction, noise, and slow, old, drivers who should not have a driver’s license.

Back to accountant (if that’s what he is, because I don’t actually know if that’s his title). I handed over my pages and he worked his magic while we sat there and waited for questions. Personally I was waiting for him to ask for information that I had forgotten to collect and bring along. Seriously. I felt like I was in an exam for which I had not studied, for a course I didn’t understand in the first place (i.e. 10th grade science).

After a grand total of 20 minutes, Mr. Whiz had completed my taxes and husband’s taxes, which we had not even planned to file today. When he started asking husband his birth date, I turned to husband and informed him he was now getting his taxes done. Husband had no idea. Nonetheless we think Mr. Whiz did a good job and we are thrilled to be getting nice returns. This is good because I went to Ikea yesterday.


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