What happened to your chin?!

I have a scab on my chin, and since I’m a pasty white Canadian, the scab is very noticeable. Many people have asked how I got that scab. Well, I was roasting some nuts in a frying pan on the stove top, and I couldn’t tell if they were done or not. I proceeded to smell them, aaaaand brought the pan too close to my face. Burned my chin. Shit!

Maybe I’ll stick to raw foods from now on. Cooking isn’t my forte, really isn’t. All of this adoption of new foods, cooking new recipes with varying success, has been difficult for me to embrace because of my lack of skills and interest in this area. So yeah, I expect a pat on the back for my efforts. And if I burn my chin while cooking? Don’t laugh at me, or you’ll be cooking your own food. And No, I’m not giving up on the almond milk. My kids are pissed because I took away the cow’s milk from them. However, you know what? It’s a great way to completely eliminate sugary and pretending-to-be-wholesome cereals from their diet. Ha!



Bwah ha ha

Nearly time for Halloween costume-making. Value Village has a huge amount of costumes that, if even we don’t purchase, definitely inspire our family.  Last Halloween, boy midget went as an elf. We bought some plastic elf ears, a hat with a feather in it, and then I re-purposed a brown suede table runner as a sort of cross-body sash. The finishing touch was tying a rope around his waist for a belt. Last year was the first one where boy midget was allowed to go out with his buddies instead of his Mom and little sister. As a result, he called eventually from a friend’s house for a pick up. Boy had a huge amount of loot as a result of running full speed from house to house, often up and down stairs as there are lots of stairs in front of lots of houses in our neighborhood. 

Husband pulled the car up on the curb in front of boy midget’s friend’s house. Boy midget made his way down their steps and approached the side of the car. After boy opened the car door, husband asked him how he was doing. Boy handed his open soda can to husband and then promptly barfed onto the sidewalk before replying, without skipping a beat, “I’m good.” Boy’s initials spell out TOGA, which as it turns out, is apt. He parties hard and doesn’t let barf ruin said party. 

That being said, I am a softie with boy midget at times, when he is feeling ill. Because of his history of asthma, the first bout of which occurred when he was 8 months old and nearly killed him, I take his illnesses seriously. This school year he has missed more school than he has attended, thus far. For nearly 1 week he had an asthma attack that we worked hard at controlling and then eliminating. With a school that has 3 floors and no air conditioning, it’s not a good place for him to be in warmer weather. So, even when he seems passable at home, I know that as soon as he gets to school I’ll be getting a phone call asking me to pick him up. So why even bother sending him that day? It’s just an exercise in frustration. 

Lately though he has had a terrible cold. I am planning to get us all a flu shot but that’s not possible when we are feeling sick. Yesterday he and I had a conversation after he once again stayed home from school. I told him I am harder on girl midget than I am on him, partly because of his asthma and partly because I’m preparing her for the reality of being a woman: sometimes you’ll have your period or just feel crappy, but life goes on and you still need to take care of your responsibilities. To his credit, boy admitted he notices that I’m harder on girl when it comes to attending school while not feeling 100%. He and I agreed that from now on, he will push himself harder to go to school and take care of his other responsibilities, even when he’s feeling sick (excluding his asthma attacks of course). In boy’s words, he’s going to stop being such a wuss. Well said, boy. 


Working from Home

As a long-term employee with the sort of job that is easy to do remotely (i.e. it’s just me and my laptop against the world, with few to no meetings), I work from home 2 days a week regularly. These happen to be the days when the youngest midgets find themselves ‘sick’. So I usually don’t tell them when I’m staying home. I get dressed, get them to school, etc, and then turn around and walk back home to where my laptop lays waiting silently for me.

I looked at a One of a Kind Show application just to see what’s involved. To buy a space costs $765. That’s a lot of Barbie clothes. I’m thinking about amassing a big stock of crocheted Barbie fashion and then eventually buying a table at a craft show or other community event. Until the right event comes along, I’ll be crocheting, anywhere and everywhere.

Oh really?

I keep seeing and therefore thinking about all the lovely (aka stoopid) inspirational artwork. The latest one is “Grow where you’re planted.” Really? Stay happy little plebes in your ordinary life and don’t make waves or strive to be more because that would cause others problems. The 7 dwarfs had next to no material possessions and are portrayed as happy as pigs in shit. Not to go off on a tangent but that saying is not logical or correct. Pigs are actually very clean animals.

Many readers of this blog know about my adoration for The Office (seasons 1 – 6). There is one episode in season 5 where Michael Scott is invited to speak at a company meeting where the employees are dissatisfied and rowdy. Michael Scott was a hit with the crowd. In the executive lounge during a break in the meeting, Michael told the executives the employees were upset. An executive responded with “Who cares?” Poignant and apt. And why should executives care about the happiness of employees? I’m not sure I would give a crap unless it affected the bottom line. And even then, there are always people clamoring to take the place of dissatisfied employees. 

Husband runs his own Apple repair store and recently took on a young man as a part time employee. We met him when we hired him a few times to do small moves for us. He’s a smart, polite, affable guy who has been trying to make his way in this city as a graphic designer. He has education in this field and but so far has not been able to get a foothold as an employee in an office situation. We are fortunate to have met him while his brain is plump and pink!  



Supposedly women are obsessed with and own many pairs of, shoes. I don’t fit into that category but! I bought 3 pairs of shoes for myself last week. I’m qualifying this statement by adding that I haven’t bought shoes for myself in over a year, and even then it was just 1 pair of boots. And before that it had been at least another year since I had purchased footwear for me.

I do buy a lot of shoes, for almost everyone else in my house. I say almost because I haven’t purchased shoes for the teenager, although I wouldn’t rule it out in future because I’m very good at it. I know the places to get good quality and good-looking foot coverings.

One pair I bought last week was pure indulgence for me, a pair of Fly London shoes (http://www.amazon.com/FLY-London/e/2416310011). I have coveted these shoes for years and I finally have a pair for me, in my house! That I can wear any time I want!

I also bought a pair of Tom’s wedges (www.toms.ca). Did you know there’s now a copycat company (giving a pair of shoes to a child who needs them, every time you purchase a pair of Tom’s shoes) called Bob’s shoes? I suppose that was inevitable. It’s quite a good hook to sell shoes. The purchaser gets a new pair of shoes and a virtual pat on the back for helping a shoeless kid.

The 3rd pair are Keen running shoes (www.keenfootwear.com). I adore Keen shoes because my ‘old lady feet’ (c) don’t hurt even after pounding the pavement all day. I wore a pair on my trip to France and they held up really well although to be fair I got only 4 days of walking in before I broke my ankle on some stupid French stairs. Anyway, I got the Keens at a huge discount, 50% off. Yes indeed. Yay me.

Its good that girl midget’s feet are smaller than mine or else I would have to set up a defensive perimeter around my bedroom. She loves all of my new shoes and so loves to put them on and try to convince me they fit her.


We are supposed to have lots of it on the top of the head, but none anywhere else. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? And the attention paid to cutting and styling our hair to exacting specifications, depending on the fashion at the time, is downright dumb.

I’m not a fan of Star Trek, not even close. In university there would inevitably be a Trekkie in whatever living arrangements I was in. So I have watched a few episodes, mostly under duress and a pleading “oh this one is so good you’ll be a convert!” There is one aspect that Star Trek does very well; it showcases how absurd we are about our appearance. Egad we are laughable creatures.

At my office there is a woman there who always looks very nicely turned out. She is adorable and so are her clothes. But so what? We are all so busy gazing at our belly buttons, inflating our own importance and the impact we have on others, when really no one else notices if we have a nice necklace on or if we don’t. Nor does anyone else care about our shoes or our haircut, as long as we are neat and clean, and blending in with the crowd.

I visited NYC last spring and was amazed at how much people blend in with the huge crowds, no matter what they’re wearing to attempt to stand out. Nobody gives a shit, people.

Cuff links

What is with the plethora of cuff links being sold on Etsy?! I think these things are adorable, but I don’t see any cuff links being worn, ever. Not even by the fat white executives at my company.

What makes a great motivational video?

I’m not sure. But I know what DOESN’T: office workers answering the question – What makes our company special – by saying how great the people here are and how much fun we have at work. Really? Because the beige backdrop with the pressboard office furniture, along with your expression, suggests otherwise. I have great friends at work and I don’t know how I would survive here without them. But to use the word passionate? Nah.

To be fair, the next segment in which people answer the question – What is your greatest accomplishment here- is very good. We have accomplished important milestones here.

Last week I was involved in a discussion with a colleague, in which we both concluded that our organisation’s function is as a funding placeholder; we aren’t meant to create many products nor make great strides as a whole. That opinion might sound sad to some readers but honestly I found it calming. I’m not crazy.

When I split from my first husband, I re-dedicated myself to my career. As a single mother my career was essential to my family’s success. I still feel this way as I contribute a lot of financial benefit to my blended family, but it’s not the same as when you are the only adult earning a salary at your house.

The usual questions arose during the Q&A session: when will increases and bonuses be reinstated? And of course the usual vague non-answer was given. I guess the question needs to be asked as well as ‘answered’, if only for consistency.


I have an Etsy store since late July, in which I sell Barbie fashion that I have crocheted by hand. I love creating these clothes because I am enamoured of anything miniature and because Barbie has fun clothes. This Etsy store has a niche market for sure, but I’m not in this to sell. Of course it would be nice to sell a bunch of clothes but honestly I’m just happy to have a creative outlet. And when friends and acquaintances (and potential distributors) ask how my crochet is going, I can direct them to my site so they can see the pictures.

So look me up on Etsy sometime, at AlliNeedisYarn.