What makes a great motivational video?

I’m not sure. But I know what DOESN’T: office workers answering the question – What makes our company special – by saying how great the people here are and how much fun we have at work. Really? Because the beige backdrop with the pressboard office furniture, along with your expression, suggests otherwise. I have great friends at work and I don’t know how I would survive here without them. But to use the word passionate? Nah.

To be fair, the next segment in which people answer the question – What is your greatest accomplishment here- is very good. We have accomplished important milestones here.

Last week I was involved in a discussion with a colleague, in which we both concluded that our organisation’s function is as a funding placeholder; we aren’t meant to create many products nor make great strides as a whole. That opinion might sound sad to some readers but honestly I found it calming. I’m not crazy.

When I split from my first husband, I re-dedicated myself to my career. As a single mother my career was essential to my family’s success. I still feel this way as I contribute a lot of financial benefit to my blended family, but it’s not the same as when you are the only adult earning a salary at your house.

The usual questions arose during the Q&A session: when will increases and bonuses be reinstated? And of course the usual vague non-answer was given. I guess the question needs to be asked as well as ‘answered’, if only for consistency.


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