We are supposed to have lots of it on the top of the head, but none anywhere else. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? And the attention paid to cutting and styling our hair to exacting specifications, depending on the fashion at the time, is downright dumb.

I’m not a fan of Star Trek, not even close. In university there would inevitably be a Trekkie in whatever living arrangements I was in. So I have watched a few episodes, mostly under duress and a pleading “oh this one is so good you’ll be a convert!” There is one aspect that Star Trek does very well; it showcases how absurd we are about our appearance. Egad we are laughable creatures.

At my office there is a woman there who always looks very nicely turned out. She is adorable and so are her clothes. But so what? We are all so busy gazing at our belly buttons, inflating our own importance and the impact we have on others, when really no one else notices if we have a nice necklace on or if we don’t. Nor does anyone else care about our shoes or our haircut, as long as we are neat and clean, and blending in with the crowd.

I visited NYC last spring and was amazed at how much people blend in with the huge crowds, no matter what they’re wearing to attempt to stand out. Nobody gives a shit, people.


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